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Grand Lake-It Really is Grand

Patricia Staab

There are many beautiful places to visit in the Rocky Mountains. Idaho springs, Georgetown, Granby, and many others. While recently vacationing at Grand Lake, I gave my cousins the full outdoor experience. Giant moose, bighorn sheep, and even bears. I’m about to tell you about some of the Rocky Mountains most mesmerizing treasures.
If you’re vacationing at Grand Lake, you might want to keep your eyes out for wildlife, because you never know if there is a bear 100 yards away from you. I experienced the same thing this past summer with my cousins. Just walking down to the lake while singing, and all of a sudden you hear “Shh! There’s a bear!” See what I mean?
Also, when you are at Grand Lake you might want to check out the several types of tourism they have there. To name one, visit Adams Falls. You will be amazed at how much water runs through it. And walking up further along the path, there are towering stone walls, large fields and East Inlet Creek; it is beautiful. Be on the lookout for wildlife too, because I heard something about (friendly) cougars up there…..
If you want to explore the area around Grand Lake, you could maybe take a drive to Estes Park to get some taffy and head up Trail Ridge Road to the tundra, where you are guaranteed to get cold, but still see some of Colorado’s most majestic views. On the way down, you might spot some elk and possibly big horn sheep, but watch out for park rangers…..
Even if you’re not that interested in wildlife, it is still a great experience to go to Grand Lake and experience the treasures that it brings to our great state. So grab a couple of friends and family and head up there! Experience the magical essence of what the outdoors can bring to us. It may be too late for summer, but there is Christmas!