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Guide To History

History has been recorded for many years. However, it’s not always the easiest to find. In this guide there are helpful sites and other resources that will get you the information you need.
The first resource is to go and see the Denver Public Library. It’s recommended to see it in person. There are 6.5 million entries there! One tip is that if you are searching for something specific in Newspaper Archives then search for the date a day after, because if they are morning Newspapers then they won’t have the new news or events that happened until the next time the paper comes out!
Another resource is a website called newspaperarchive.com. If you search there then you can find newspaper articles throughout history. This website is even the ‘World’s Largest Online Newspaper Archive’, although to actually see the archives you have to become a member which involves paying money.
If you’re looking to find history on your family or any other family then go to genealogybank.com. This website can find everything from obituaries to social security death index! Only for a price to pay can you see all of this.
As you can see there are many resources to help find history. These resources are especially helpful for school assignments, or to look things up out of plain curiosity!



Good job informing people about it and keeping it simple!

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