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A Haunting Mystery

Grosset & Dunlap

Kaz is an ordinary kid ghost and he is perfectly happy until a single wrecking ball turns his life upside down by knocking down his haunt, an old school house.
“The Haunted Library,” the first book in a series of two books so far, has a very good balance of suspense, mystery, and fantasy. It is also very emotional. The scene where Kaz gets blown away from his family and into a library might bring tears to your eyes.
“The Haunted Library: The Ghost in the Attic” is an adventure packed sequel to “The Haunted Library” that you’re sure to enjoy, if you like the first book. A library neighbor seeks help about eerie noises in her home. After her parents refuse to investigate, Claire, a human friend to Kaz, picks up the phone and calls the neighbor back, agreeing to take the case. The sequel is packed with fun, mystery, and fantasy, just like the first book.
Dori Hillestad Butler does a great job incorporating the unexpected into her books. For example, if you expect Claire to be scared when she meets Kaz for the first time, you’ll have to understand she has been seeing ghosts for nearly one year. Claire and Kaz bond together because the author has them tell each other their life stories and she also makes them about the same age.
I give these mini novels five out of five stars for the balance of fantasy, mystery, suspense, and emotion. These books have easy to read content. Although they are not graphic novels, there are one or two funny sketches at least every two pages. I recommend these books to anyone over the age of 6 who likes ghosts and a good mystery.