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Helping Green Energy Bloom

While on its sixty-eight day, 6,500 mile journey, GAEA (Global Alternative Energy Alliance) made a couple pit-stops in Colorado to showcase its energy efficient car.
 Called Twike, this car is run completely on electric hybrid and human pedal power. The 600 pound car has only three wheels, but it's difference is what makes it special. According to Peter Kleckowski, the GAEA tour manager, you have to have a motorcycle license to drive the car, because it has less than four wheels. It takes six hours to charge, and can then drive a hundred miles on that charge.
GAEA, a rotary sponsored group promoting use of solar electricity, geothermal, and wind power, started this cross-country tour on August 13 in New York and will conclude it on October 19 in California. Stopping at various sites in 15 states, one of the main goals of the Twike is “Helping green energy bloom,” Lisa Mueller, the strategic manager of GAEA said.
“We’d like to see it (green energy) move forward a little quicker,” she said. GAEA took matters into their own hands, the Twike turning heads towards alternative energy along the history-making trip.
However, the journey had surprises in store for GAEA as well. Peter, who hadn’t been west of Pennsylvania before the tour, said, “I never knew America was this diverse,” and, “I’ve never seen so much natural beauty in my life.”
Rotary, a part of Lisa’s life for over eight years and Peter’s for only two months, is a key part to the success of the Twike, along with community support. “That’s how we are fueling this entire thing,” Lisa said.
This amazing adventure comes down to one thing, which everyone can relate to. As Peter puts it, “I might as well use my time in a helpful way.”