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Here Comes School!


For most kids in Colorado school starts sometime in August and that leaves kids with less than a month to get all their school supplies, new school clothes and to get back into the routine of getting up early and getting ready fast. There are plenty of stores you could go to, to get all your supplies, like Wal-Mart, Target, Office Max, or King Soopers. Wal-Mart has the most supplies, but they are kind of expensive. Target also has lots of supplies and has pretty good deals. Office Max has lots of coupons and has most of the supplies. King Soopers has great deals.

While some parents are excited for school to start, so that they can get more stuff done during the day, others aren’t so excited because they have kids that go to different schools and they don’t want to drive around so much in the mornings. Some kids are glad that school is starting soon so they can see all their friends again and other kids want summer to go on for a lot longer. Everybody feels just a little different about school starting.

The new school year is always fun. There’s the new teacher, new students, new room, new supplies, new rules, new everything. It’s fun to bring everything in the classroom, get all the supplies unpacked, find your desk and meet your teacher.