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Heritage Square Serves Up One Sweet Pea!

Ferris Fynboh

Everyone remembers the classic fairytale, written by Hans Christian Andersen in 1835, “The Princess and the Pea.” The critics of the time didn’t like it, and I had always shared this feeling. The story seemed anticlimactic and more than a little unrealistic.
When I walked into Heritage Square’s Music Hall, I was slightly dubious and wary. This was a story that had always bored me and I had always considered it lacking in any excitement. I had no doubt that Rory Pierce and his cast could make this into an interesting and exciting play; the only question was…How?
And in that little theatre, surrounded by chattering children and exhausted-looking adults, I witnessed nothing short of an act of magic. This bland little story that had never delighted me as other fairytales had done became a whole new world to which I now gladly surrendered myself. I laughed with the audience as blundering King Roderick and Sir Reginald scampered to and fro trying to hide behind a very small and inadequate tree stump. I put all pride behind me when I got up on stage with others in the audience and joined the two clownish characters in a ridiculous dance. And I sympathized with poor Angelica, having suffered many such nights myself.
Running through September 1st, this comical, sweet, and touching musical surpassed all other plays that I have had the fortune to witness in that quaint little theatre. Rory Pierce has, once again, written and directed a masterpiece that has captured my heart, and it is one that I will not forget in a hurry.