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History Colorado Center Delivers Fun

Eliana Okeson

Colorado is part of the western frontier; when you chose to move out here you faced problem after problem but you usually found harmony with the land. This is just one of many things that the new History Colorado Center strives to share. “You shape the landscape, while the landscape shapes you in return,” said state historian William Convery III. This is the theme on which the exhibits are based. They try to show how people who migrated to Colorado or are Colorado natives helped to build our history.

They currently have two exhibits - one is Destination Colorado. This interactive exhibit is based on a ghost town on the plains called Keota. It encompasses many different experiences about living in a small farming community. You can drive a Model T, milk a cow, shop in the general store, and much, much more. Destination Colorado includes over 400 artifacts and over 700 touchable re-creations of 1920s items. This exhibit is geared toward younger kids though everyone will enjoy it.
The second exhibit is Colorado Stories, a collection of different influential events and places including Bent’s Fort, a Silverton mine, and the Amache Relocation camp. Each “Story” has artifacts and most have an activity that is directly related. This exhibit, while still fun for all ages, is more meaningful to older children and adults.
The History Colorado Center has changed from a “lets look at it” museum to a mostly interactive one. From virtually ski jumping to setting off “dynamite”, the center allows you to experience history, not just learn about it. This new way of stepping into the past will attract a lot of history-isn’t-for-me people. From collecting wooden eggs for the little ones, to remembering the Sand Creek Massacre for the older ones; this is a site that will intrigue both tourists and Coloradoans. So for all you interested in Colorado or just want something to do, give it a try. It’s well worth the money.
For more information go to http://www.historycolorado.org/museums/history-colorado-center