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How Colorado and Wyoming got Their Names

The creation of the word Colorado: The townspeople were very nervous. The government had agreed to make the land of Colorado a state. The soon-to-be-state had a governor and several cities already made. But they still had to name it. The townspeople went to the wise man for advice. They ask him questions. "What is your favorite animal?". Silence. The men tried again."What is your favorite food?". Silence again. This was their last hope. "What is your favorite color. "Colorado". You see,the old man had trouble pronounce certain words. He meant the color red. The men also had trouble making out certain words. They heard Colorado. The thanked the man and went of and presented the idea to the governor.
The creation of the word Wyoming: The state was in the the same situation as Colorado was in(look above). They couldn't come up with a name for the land. A couple of men were out one day, and they met a very smart Mexican gentleman. The ask him "What name would you think would suit this fine land?" "Wyoming?!" These men didn't really understand the Mexican accent, meaning that they had no idea that he was asking "What do you mean?!" They walked of and made the land what it is today, Wyoming.




I think that's pretty cool. I like it.


That's cool!!!

I know... this guy from New York city told me this joke :)


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