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How Cyberbullying Affects People

It's amazing how often this occurs, and the bully doesn't even know. What's worse is the parents don't know until the parents of the other kid, confirms them. Then often they don't believe them. They think the other child should just suck it up. If it were my child I would get the school involved, and if it continued to get worse I might even get the cops involved.
Most people don't do anything about cyber bullying until it's too late. People KILL themselves because someone bullied them! Let's all try and stop cyber bulling forever!
Even the simplest little "You're stupid" can really hurt someone's feelings. Tall people get called "stretch", short people get called "fun-sized", and smart people get called a nerd or geek. The worst way to bully someone is to do it behind their back. They don't now it is happening, so people start spreading more rumors about them. When the rumor comes to the person, they are heart broken.
Now that you know a little bit about cyber bulling, what are you going to do about it?


I think you could add a little more info about how to stop cyber-bullying. 

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