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iPad, What's The Big Deal?

April, Apple released a piece of technology that seemed so great everyone couldn't wait to get their hands on it. The iPad, the size of a laptop monitor that surfs the web, holds pictures, holds books, holds music, and the #1 gaming device. A giant iTouch, that's really what it is. What seemed like the thing that would change the way technology worked, was the thing that disappointed many. These are some of the things that upset the iPad consumers.- No webcam- No multitasking- Missing support for Adobe Flash Player- Too big- Overpriced- Not uniquePlus, recently the system was hacked, and consumers of the iPad's email adresses were everywhere. A security faulty as well...Those are just some of the things that have got the fans of Apple upset. Priced at $499 or above, people seem to question whether the iPad is that big of a deal. Visit the websites I used as my sources, they have more information about the iPad faults, that are pretty interesting. What are your thoughts? Do you seem to think the iPad is guilty of being overhyped? Or do you think it's just as great as Apple described?Sources:http://www.notebookcheck.net/Column-Apple-ipad-The-iPad-s-top-ten-most-annoying-faults.25130.0.htmlhttp://techgeeks-online.com/2010/faults-of-the-ipad/By: Julia Foran


Nice job. I can't help but agree with Isabelle, consumer opinions, (direct ones) make reviews with a strong opinion a lot better.

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