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Iftah Ya Simsim!

Ferris Fynboh

Open the Cave of Wonders with the magic words- “Iftah ya simsim-” and step into the world of the "Arabian Nights" with Heritage Square. Here you will find Ali Baba, the poor son of a merchant, and his brother, the wealthy (and greedy) Kasim, and follow them on an adventure plagued with danger, thievery, and sparkling treasure.
When Ali Baba comes across a band of forty thieves, headed by the “Chief Thief” and his sidekick “Thief,” he decides to investigate the Cave of Wonders and see the treasures that it holds. He is amazed to find gold beyond anything he had ever imagined. After much consideration, Ali Baba decides to take three bags of gold coins.
However, when he needs to weigh them to determine their value without having to go through the tedious task of counting the many coins, Kasim's rich wife becomes suspicious of his request for her scales. She sends her husband to find out what the poor woodcutter would need to weigh, and when Kasim hears of the unimaginable riches, he does not heed his brothers warning to keep well away from the Cave. Danger ensues when the thieves find out that someone has entered their cave, and Kasim is trapped amongst the riches. Ali Baba and his brother must find a way to unravel themselves from the impending danger in which they are entwined.
Come and see this spectacular and hilarious tale of mischievous thieves and heroic merchants through May 12! It’s interactive fun for the whole family!