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An Investment In Time- CityVille Monopoly

Game developer Zynga has teamed with Hasbro and turned its most popular online game, CityVille, into a Monopoly board game.    The goal of the game is to build up four of your properties into skyscrapers.  The game is played very much the same as regular Monopoly, but with a few twists to include the theme of the online CityVille game.

The graphics in this game were colorful and interesting.  All of the property pictures are actual properties in the online game.  The instructions had good pictures, as well, but they were so simple that sometimes you had to guess what to do.  The most difficult part of the game was that it seemed there was no end in sight. A skyscraper is a property built up with four buildings. But you can’t build up past one level unless you own all the properties in that color.  We played for two hours with no end in sight.

This board game has a digital value for parents, 85 City cash, for the online CityVille game.  I followed all of the directions to redeem it, but I never received any CityVille money. 
The game is fun, especially in the beginning when you are trying to collect properties.   I recommend this game to people who can leave it out and come back to it later.  Another idea is to change the object of the game yourself, or even just set an end time and finish at that time. 




The game sounds amazing! Do you think it was better than the old version of monopoly?  

I think in some ways it was better (like, for instance the graphics) and in some ways it was the same (cost for buildings, time spent playing) and in other ways worse (the instructions)

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