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It's Panda Time!

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"The wind started to blow.
The tree house started to spin.
It spun faster and faster.
Then everything was still.
Absolutely still."
You may recognize this quote from the beginning of the forty-seven other books, but this time it's from A Perfect Time for Pandas by Mary Pope Osborne, book forty-eight in the Magic Tree House series.
It is a fiction book with interesting facts about pandas and China woven into it, and readers can most likely track the story without reading the previous adventures.  If you want to understand the book word for word, you might want to read books forty-five, forty-six, and forty-seven first.  Main characters, Jack and Annie are siblings who travel in a magic tree house to different places and back in time.
The book is suspenseful, and at the same time fast-paced.  I would recommend this book for ages six through nine for a fun bedtime book.  There is a lot to learn about pandas and other endangered species, like pandas how pandas are currently endangered and are even considered the national symbol of friendship and peace in China.
For even more information about these and other animals, you can read Pandas and Other Endangered Species, a nonfiction companion book by sisters Mary Pope Osborne and Natalie Pope Boyce.