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Jerry Spinelli Weaves Wonders Yet Again

First grade babies!
Second grade cats!
Third grade angels!
Fourth grade rats!
“Suds” Morton first heard this chant when he was in kindergarten. In first grade, he didn’t like being a baby, because he wasn’t one. He didn’t like being a cat in second grade; he was more of a dog person. But today is Suds’ first day in the third grade! After years of waiting, he is finally an angel!
The third grade teacher, Mrs. Simms, greets the new angels cheerfully. She explains they can each earn an angel halo by striving to be a perfect student. The first halo will be given out at the end of the week. Suds, who always needs to be first at everything, is determined to receive it. At school he is the very image of perfection. He picks up litter, holds the door for girls, and has the neatest handwriting in the class. But when his mother warns him his teacher might have spies, he realizes he must be good at home too.
At home, he puts away his underwear, doesn’t call his sister Zippernose anymore, and even does one good deed for her each day. Trying to be perfect is driving him insane! He is worried that someone else is better than him. Despite a recent heroic deed, Suds is convinced another student did something even better.
The day of the angel crowning arrives. Not wanting to watch the halo go to someone else, Suds doesn’t want to go to school. His mother makes him. When he gets to school, he’s in for an unexpected surprise…
While written for children between the ages of seven and ten, “Third Grade Angels”, by Jerry Spinelli, is a wonderful book for children of all ages. It is entertaining, humorous, and teaches valuable life lessons along the way. For example, the book teaches kids that kindness and good deeds should come from the heart.
Jerry Spinelli weaves words into a wonderful tale you will read from start to finish, and over and over again. The story was a quick and easy read, sure to entertain young kids and teenagers alike.


I loved your article and liked the suspense at the end. Great job!

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