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Kick It, Kwik Kicker!


Juggling is a soccer term for basically keeping the ball off of the ground; but with any part of your body besides your hands.  Yes, this might sound easy, but it's harder than it looks.  The main intention  of a soccer player when they juggle is to keep the ball in their control.  Most kids keep track of their juggling by counting how many times the ball bounces off of a part of their body.  It's enjoyable to do this because you're always trying to reach a higher amount of juggles for your record.
For beginners (and sometimes for advanced soccer players too) juggling can be hard.  Yet it increases the level of control and general playing by the dozens.  The problem is that it also can be messy as well.  If you juggle inside, all of the furniture around you is in danger of being broken or damaged.  If you juggle outside, you may accidentally jab it or kick it too hard and have to run all of the way across the field to retrieve it. 
The most common form of juggling is with the thigh and the foot, which might as well be one of the reasons juggling can cause harm.  If you juggle with your foot, you may as well kick it so hard that it's more like a punt instead.  At that, you probably would want to avoid juggling inside and outside for not just the furniture's sake but to save the time running after your ball in an open field too.  Meanwhile, using your thigh, you could hit the ball with your knee and make the ball flay pretty far as well.  So until you learn to control the ball well enough to not be a danger, how and where do you practice to get better?
Well, with the new Kwik Kicker on board, you won't have to be so cautious any more and your mom won't have to yell at you for breaking all of her favorite china pieces.  It's a thick string with a handle at the end for you to hold on to.  On the other end, it has a net to hold your ball in.  All you do is hold onto the handle tightly and slip your ball into the net for a great result.  Start juggling, still holding onto the handle with a firm grip.  You will find that your juggling improves instantly, but not in less than a minute.  You have to practice for weeks and weeks, because only practice makes perfect.
The only objection I have to this new trainer is that occasionally the string gets into your way and keeps you from doing your best at juggling.  A wrong bounce or turn of the ball can mess you up big time, but like I said, it only happens occasionally.  So if you struggle at juggling, have never even done it before, or are even an expert, I think that the new Kwik Kicker will improve your skills by a lot.  So go to the Soccer Stop or any other sports store to get the Kwik Kicker, because the quality is guaranteed!