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Kinda Like Brothers

   Kinda like brothers is Coe Booth’s fourth book. This one is about Jarrett, an eleven year old kid who is taking summer school for sixth grade. His mom takes in foster babies regularly, and it is not uncommon for Jarrett to wake up with another baby wandering around the house. But then one day a baby named Treasure comes to their home. At first it seems like just the normal routine until Jarrett sees him... Kevon. Kevon is Treasure’s twelve year old brother. Jarrett’s mom thinks that they should be friends, but Jarrett is against it. Suddenly Kevon starts to invade Jarrett’s life. Each step is worse than the last, sleeping in his bedroom, going to his school,and more. But there is one thing that happens that starts true suspicion and hatred among them.                                                                                                                                                                           This book was really good but it started out really slow and at a few parts it was really boring. This was Coe Booth’s first book for younger kids, and her other three books were more mature than this one.The book has a sort of drama/suspense feel to it.
I recommend this book for kids 9-12. Overall this book is sometimes suspenseful and at times you can’t wait to pick it up again and it is a great read and is worth to pick up at your local library.