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Levitt Pavilion-Food, Music, and a Whole Lot of Fun

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Music is something almost every human enjoys. The new Levitt Pavilion in Ruby Hill Park makes sure the community comes together with food, fun, and free music.
Opened on June 20, the Levitt Pavilion is co-founded by Chris Nevitt and Chris Zacher, and founding partners include the City and County of Denver, the Levitt Foundation, and the Levitt Pavilion Denver. With the help of many more people, the Levitt Pavilion strives to bring local communities, artists, and musicians together. Many people are not able to afford music concerts which is why the Levitt Pavilion will be hosting 50 free concerts every year with local, regional, national, and international acts. 
The pavilion has a relaxed setting with a grassy seating area for lounging, playing, and eating on. While there is a lot of room to breathe on some occasions, the pavilion can fit 17,000 people, almost the same amount as Fiddler's Green Amphitheater which can fit 18,000.
There are also many local food vendors and tents where you can meet band members or learn about some of the organizations that made the Levitt Pavilion possible. With easy access and bike paths near it, the Levitt Pavilion is a family friendly environment for enjoying live music, each other, and Denver.
Alice O., the first person to review the Levitt Pavilion on Yelp says, "Opening night at Levitt Pavilion and it's a really nice vibe and huge open space. Kind of like Fiddlers Green but all lawn with a seated section of pull out chairs." (Alice O. Yelp) There have been many concerts at the pavilion, and there are many more to come.
If you are looking for a free, family friendly, relaxed concert with local groups, food, and fun, then the Levitt Pavilion in Ruby Hill Park is the perfect way to spend an evening.