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A Library of Locations and Landmarks!

"Where Is..." Book Series photo by K Gagner

Need ideas for summer vacation? Need some facts on a place? If so, then maybe you should check out Grosset & Dunlap’s “Where Is” book series. These books tell the stories of amazing locations and landmarks that you can still see and visit today!
I started with “Where Is The Great Wall?” This fact giving and illustrated book takes you on a time traveling story starting in late 4000 BC when the Chinese started farming to 1987 when the Great Wall is named a World Heritage Site.
The next book I read was “ Where Is The White House?” This book’s timeline dates back to the early 1790’s when the White House was constructed to 1962 when First Lady Jackie Kennedy gave a tour of the White House on TV.
The third one, personally my favorite, is “Where Is Mount Rushmore?” This rock-sculpted book describes the way they made the sculptures of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.
The last book is “Where Is The Grand Canyon?” Carved by the flows of rivers and the ages of the world, the Grand Canyon is 250 million years old!
The books are not all written by the same author but are very much alike as they follow a similar pattern and historical timeline.
These books are good for 3rd, 4th, and maybe 5th grade readers because they use small words but have many chapters. The books give good information and have illustrated pages. The “Where Is …” books are part of the nonfiction series that include, “What Was…” and “Who Was… “ books. All these books are fun to read and give good information, so if you are going on a trip or need ideas for research maybe you should check out one!