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Library Resources

Isabella craig

Today we went to the Denver Public Library (DPL) and a librarian talked to us on where we can find research tools and resources!
There are 4 ways you can get help from the library. First, you can call the library at (720)-865-1363 it takes you directly to the research center. Second, you can go to their website (denverlibrary.org/ask) there you can ask a librarian any question. Third, you can set up a Student Research Appointment- a face to face talk with a librarian. Last but not least, just visit the library. On the library website you can search up anything!
Just a few fun facts before this is over!
1. 9,552,145 books are checked out per year
2. 26,170 books per day are checked out
3. There are 24 branches around the city