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A Light in the Box part 4

The soldier released sleeping gas putting Susan to sleep. When Susan woke up,she immediately started trying to figure things out. Susan thought that she was in a nightmare,pinched herself yet not appearing in her comfy bed at home. She stayed on the experiment table where the alien had placed her. Then a very scary looking scientist walked into the room, looked Susan over and stated "She's thin,feed her". Two more of the aliens rushed in with a tray with a 6" sandwich from Subway. "Where did you get that?" Susan immediately asked. "My trusty followers found this cardboard box in an abandon park up in Berlin". Then she knew her only way back home. "Oh my gosh,there is this new type of technology in 2012, there's iPod, iPads, and even iPod touches! May I please show you?" "Poor little girl" He replied "She thinks I'm foolish!". He chuckled. "Apparently that's her time capsule,she wants to go home,the poor poor thing". He started to laugh evilly. Susan realized she blew her only chance of getting home.
To be continued.....             (I need people to PLEASE comment :)