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A Light in the Box part 5

Susan always had a solution to a problem. This time,the sleeping gas had seemed to affected that talent. Susan racked her brain for any possible escape plan, but for 4 hours her head was as empty as a blank sheet of paper. Finally, she said" How did you find my box,and how did you know that it was my time traveling capsule?" "Oh little girl" the evil scientist replied"You are known for miles around,you are known as the undefeated most powerful time lord in the universe". "But how did I end up this way?!" Susan shouted " How did it bring me here?!" She ripped the straps of the experiment table. "And how did I turn up in this dirty little room with you standing over me planning to DESTROY ME?!!!!" She finally screamed at the evil scientist's face. "Wow.." He replied "You have quite an attitude for a young lady your age". Then she lost it. "DON'T YOU DARE SPEAK IN THAT KIND OF LANGUE LIKE THAT TO ME !!!!"