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LittleBits Rule Your Room Kit: Fun and Creative- Defintely Worth It

The LittleBits Rule Your Room Kit is for exploring and learning about the process of inventing. It includes circuits, sound triggers, buzzers, lights, dimmers, templates, and much more to create the ultimate invention. With the materials provided, you can create touch-censored sound and light, and interactive inventions. Featured inventions include a top secret safe, a moving collage, sound activated “cat eyes”, and more. The instructions give you guidelines and ideas but going outside the box is encouraged. The LittleBits pieces can be taken apart, so there is no limit to what you can create. The kit also has materials that can be connected to a computer, where you can plug in your inventions. The free app, LittleBits, provides more instructions and ideas that can be created with the materials you have.
The kit is easy to use and understand, just make sure to read the first part of the instructions where each piece is explained. The pieces snap together with magnets, making creation fast and easy. For many inventions, you will need to use your own stuff, so there is no need for additional pieces or kits to complete the featured creations. However, more pieces and templates are available.
I would give this kit four out of five stars because it is very easy and fun and there are so many things to create. My only suggestion would be more pieces because you can only do so much with specific pieces. I recommend this item for kids nine and up because the instructions are very informative and might be hard for younger kids to understand.
Overall, I think the LittleBits Rule Your Room Kit is a great introduction to invention and creation using coding and electronics, and makes the price, $80 (on Amazon), definitely worth it.