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Littlest Pet Shop playtime park with Russell Furguson

Littlest Pet Shops, made by Hasbro, is a line of small, unique animals that are fun for kids. The Playtime Park with Russell Furguson is a park that is 3 stories high, it has a ferris wheel, 2 swings, and even a spinning tree. Russell is a motion pet shop that is a little bigger than the regular pet shop animals. When Russell is attached on the ferris wheel his legs and ears move. Russell is magnetic and so is the tree, so when Russell is on top of the tree his ears will move. Parents will need to put the playtime park together because it will be complicated for the kids.
The playtime park is a fun toy to play with because you can use any other pet shop animals except on the ferris wheel. Russell is the only pet shop that can fit on the ferris wheel. The tree can be used in so many ways. You can put other pet shop animals in the slots on the top of the tree. You can wind the top of the tree, then push a button when it pops up, and the tree will spin by itself. 
The playtime park did not have a lot of activities itself, but it would be fun to add to other pet shop activity sets. The playtime park is recommended for kids 4 and up. The playtime park will be a fun toy for your child if they like Littlest Pet Shops.  


This is a fun toy to play with.

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