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Living History

If you could go back in history, where would you go? Well, a program around Colorado lets you do just that. The program is called You Can Live History and it is a program that lets kids all around the state experience history, from the time of the Vikings to the end of the Civil war. Kids are given special training and learn many new facts along the way, a bonus for social studies class. They specialize in the Revolutionary War. I was lucky enough to reenact the battle of Saratoga. In the battle, you act out scenes from the actual battle, including scenes that really shaped the battle, like where Benedict Arnold argues with General Horatio Gates about how the battle will go. The experience was great and I hope I will be able to go again. After the battle, the company puts together a video with documentation for the students to watch. The website for this organization is http://youcanlivehistory.com/frames.html, and they have information on how you can be included in a place from history. So now, go out and live history!



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This was a very good article. It makes me want to go there and experience it myself. You are a very talented writer and I enjoy reading your things.

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