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Love at First Bite

Sierra Zizzo

Taking a trip is enjoyable but taking an adventure without luggage or a passport would be much easier. A new and improved way was just figured out. Food. That’s the answer. You can go on your own mini-trips like Alfie and Emilia Bertolizzi from Giada De Laurentiis’s “Recipe for Adventure (New Orleans).”

Emilia and Alfie’s parents went out to go celebrate a friend’s birthday, and their aunt, Zia Donatella babysat them. Zia has the ability to transport Alfie and Emilia to different places just by the touch of home-cooked meals. So, she has them help her cook a delicious, heartwarming gumbo. After just a few sips of gumbo, they feel their world morph and alter into a different environment, one full of music and mouthwatering smells. The home of jazz and gumbo: New Orleans!

The siblings are teleported to La Salle Royale, a jazz club where they become friends with the young musicians. One problem though: The star chef has perished and the club will have to shut down if they don’t find her lost cookbook with the special recipes customers rave about. Alfie, Emilia, and the jazz club go on a wild chase to find that essential cookbook.

“Recipe for Adventure” is a series very similar to The Magic Treehouse series, so if you are a fan of Magic Treehouse, this is a great read. And if you just want a good book to read, this is one big boredom buster that I recommend.

Bonus! This story comes with two recipe cards for gumbo and bananas foster. The gumbo took quite a while to make, but it was worth it. The aroma was tantalizing! Powerful spices, rich, savory, and hearty is what my family and I thought of it. The bananas foster, honestly, I fell in love with immediately and wanted to eat it even before it was done! The taste is a smooth caramel banana paradise with just enough cinnamon zing to have its own unique blend.