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Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted May become America's Most Wanted

           Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted is a summer movie full of wild chase scenes, fun music, and some good laughs. While not as funny as the first two movies, this film is good and should appeal to pre-teen kids and younger.
          This movie starts out with all the main characters from the first two Madagascar movies trying to get back to their zoo in New York City. To get there they leave Africa and travel through Europe. In Monte Carlo, they run into the movie’s villain, Captain Chantal DuBois, a psycho animal control officer. The movie introduces new animal characters as part of a traveling circus. The best one is Steffano the sea lion.
            I thought the other movies were better than this one because they were funnier. This one has more action than the other movies. If you didn’t see the other movies, you wouldn’t know about the characters or how they got to Africa. However, it is not important for this film’s story.
            I like this movie. It is funny, but not all of the jokes work. There is a part where DuBois started singing in French in the hospital. I didn’t really get that. However, a lot of the physical jokes, like people running into walls, were funny. It also has a lot of great action that keeps you on the edge of your seat. The film is fast paced in the beginning and end, but slows down in the middle. There are a few messages in this movie, like to not leave your friends behind and to try new talents.
             I saw this movie in 3D and it did make the movie better. It added depth to the scenes, even those where items were not popping out at the viewers. The European landscape looked good in 3D. It really worked at the end of the movie.
            Young kids will like this movie. Parents and older kids will probably get the verbal humor. If you have seen the other movies, you should see the third one to see what happens to Alex, Marty and the gang.  


Thanks for the tip! I do a lot of reviews so that will come in handy. I didn't realize I had that much opinion in my story but thank you a lot.

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