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Serenity, New Mexico, in the book "Masterminds," by Gordon Korman, is the most perfect place in the world.
It has the lowest amount of crime in the world; actually no crime at all. There are only 185 people in the town.
They also have the Serenity Plastic Works, one of the largest orange traffic cone producers in the USA.
But something strange is afoot in Serenity, things are not as they seem.
Why does Eli, a twelve year old boy, get sick when he leaves the town borders? Why is there blood on the orange plastic cones? Are the plastic cone trucks just driving around town? What is happening inside that factory?
Eli’s life takes a boring turn when his best friend Randy leaves to go to his grandmother’s farm in Colorado. But then one night he finds a letter from Randy saying that he did not go to his grandmother’s farm, but instead went to McNally Academy in Pueblo.
At every turn Eli finds something interesting.
Like, while researching things on the Internet, the Boston Tea Party was a simple tea party. Then the article changed and the Tea Party was the start of a brutal war with England, then the article changed back again. But that can’t be right, can it?
There is something cooking in Serenity, and it is not good.
Nothing is as it seems. Something is happening for sure, and the answer lies in the Serenity Plastic Works Factory.
Filled with twist and turns this book is hard to put down. You’ll be thinking about what’s happening with the characters even when you are not reading.
This is a fantastic story and I will recommend it to anyone. As a first in a series, I can tell the rest of the books will be great reads. I recommend this book to anyone who has read Korman’s other books, like "Swindle" and "Un-Gifted."