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Metropolitan Mix-Up

Discover a mystery, a truth untold; think about a surprise that shall unfold. Which shall be the pun; and who will be the clever one?

Theodora (Theo)Tenpenny lives in New York City with her mother and grandfather(Jack) with poverty nipping at their heels. Then, a heart breaking catastrophe occurs. Theo’s grandfather lay on a NYC street, staggering for breaths and shedding blood. He muttered a few words about something under an egg, then closed his eyes and passed away with a lone breath, leaving Theodora with a mystery tugging at her sleeve.

There has always been a painting that hung in her house that Jack painted and it was of an egg. She went to her late grandfather’s art studio to examine it and spilled a bottle of rubbing alcohol on the painting yet to reveal a Monet masterpiece underneath.

The only major issue about this was that Jack was a security guide in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Theo fears that her grandfather might have stolen the painting.

Will Theo end up happy or end up finding herself in juvenile detention? Will the Tenpenny family (what is left of it) end up drowning in debt or floating in fortune? Find out by reading Under the Egg for ages nine and up. See you soon sleuths!