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Mother Moon

Amaluna photo

     Amaluna (Amaluna means Mother Moon) is a Cirque Du Soleil play with an all-female cast under the grand chapiteau at the Pepsi Center Grounds in Denver CO. A colorful ceremony is performed with people dressed as peacocks, warriors and more! The ceremony is full of excitement as there is a lot of acrobatics. There are funny characters including the lizard and the pirate. Before the show the person dressed as a lizard would take people’s popcorn and throw it at them.
          Amaluna invites people to an island owned by goddesses and guided by the moon, where there is a ceremony for the queen’s daughter coming-of-age. A storm washes up new people as well as a pirate onto the land. The queen’s daughter falls in love with one of the people washed up and her love is put to the test.
          Acrobatics are preformed not only on the stage but in the air, as well as swimming in a big glass bowl in the middle of the stage and covering the water and juggling. The actors would walk around the isles to play with us and let us see the costumes and make-up close up. The warriors wore red clothing, some of them having bows and wooden poles for weapons as well as a “horse tail”. The peacocks had a peacock tail that could be folded and unfolded as well as a feather to tickle the crowd with.