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Music fest interview

I went to a concert of a band called Dotsero, in a fest called: Music In The Meadows. It is a fest that comes together a few times each summer. There is food stands, some awesome things that you don’t have to pay for, a playground, like six fields, and two tennis courts so you can play while you listen. This all happens at Butterfield Crossing Park down in Castle Rock. Now after the show I got to interview the head of the band, the great tenor saxophone player….. Steve Watts! I had nine questions and here they are: 1. How long have you been playing together?  Well, me and my friends were in college together and studied music. The year after we graduated, we made Dotsero. 2. Have you played here at Butterfield before? Yes, about four times and it was good.  3. What is your name?   Steve Watts.  4.  What is your favorite song to play?   Well, that is hard, but I would say one of our new ones called: Same Page Different Book.  5. What is your favorite instrument to play?  The tenor saxophone.  6. What was your favorite place to play?  It is a weird name, but Wichita in Kansas. 7.Do  you travel around the United States?   Yes we do and one time we played at a jazz jam called: Music In The Woods in Longmont. We played until about five in the mourning and then quickly got on a plane to Wichita. Also it was the Fourth Of July so we saw all the fireworks going off. It was really cool.  8. What is your favorite type of music?   Well, that is hard I would say about everything.   9.Have  you played at weddings and that?    Yes, weddings, parties, and even when the mayor got chosen.   That is cool. Thank you.   It was fun talking to you.  You too.   So there you have it.