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My Interview with Pro Cyclist, Ron Keifel

Ron Kiefel is a professional cyclist; he trains to 3-5 hours everyday. He said train hard and then rest so that your muscles get bigger and stronger. He started racing when he was 15 and professional racing at 24. Ron Keifel was on a team that was the first American team to compete in the European tours that is called the Tour De France and very popular thing that people race from all over the world. The Tour De France is a huge race that people train so hard to win this incredible, challenging race! One of the greatest accomplishments was that he one the bronze medal in the junior world championship that then helped him go to the Olympics a won a bronze medal in 1984. Then Ron Keifel got the opportunity to turn professional and won a stage in the tour of Italy which is a big race that he won in 1985 then raced in 7 Tour de Frances.

One of the worst fall Ron Keifel crashed was in the rain, fell down and somebody hit his arm and broke both of his bones and after about eight weeks it was better and then started to train again and help get it ready to get back in the race. The next race was in Durango and he was really nervous so started at the back and worked his way towards the front, as he got more confident. When he was in the first American team to compete in the European tour it was very nerve-racking because all the Europeans thought the American they were cowboys. They raced really well as amateurs and when they went as pros and they had to earn the Europeans respect by winning some races and Ron Keifel won a race and then and few months later he won in the tour of Italy. Ron says the key to success is being smarted, crafty and when the opportunities come you have to go after that opportunity. Ron Keifels influence in his life was his mom and dad; he got his determination from his mom and his hard work from his dad.
Ron doesn’t race anymore but this year there was a Colorado pro-challenge that was raced all around Denver. Ron Keifel was one of the VIP drivers so he got to see all the bike riders and races. Ron now owns a bike shop called the Weetridge Cyclery that is in Denver and they have a lot of enthusiastic riders. Some advice he gave was that you can never quit and keep trying your very best and follow your dreams!
Ron Keifel is always swill be known a great and successful rider.