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Mysterious Story Well Written By First Time Author

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"The Girl from Felony Bay" has great mysteries and also will capture young readers into Reward Plantation. Abbey’s life after her dad’s “accident” has been really hard for her. She’s forced to live with her drunk uncle and his wife Ruth, but when a girl named Bee comes to Reward Abbey’s life starts changing. Bee’s father bought the land for Bee and her grandmother Grandma Em to live while he’s in India working. Abbey’s father or more his supposed friend sells Reward to Bee’s father for her and Grandma Em to stay. One morning when Abbey goes out to do her summer chores, she meets Bee casts and all. Bee and Abbey have a lot in common just some of it they both want to keep secret until it’s absolutely needed. On the first day when they meet they travel over to One Arm Pond to see Big Alice then go out to Felony Bay but when they get there, lots has changed from when Abbey’s father owned the land. The girls start investigating and get into a whole lot of trouble in the process. 
I loved this book because it had a mystery brewing on every page and had well described characters to follow the plot that was wonderfully written by J.E. Thompson. I could not put this book down for a few seconds just because it was that good. I would recommend this book for readers eight and above because there are some complicated topics and mild violence throughout the book. There are also some sad parts and other places that can get into complicated topics or very emotional.