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New Arrival at the Denver Zoo

​A fossa is known for its long body and short feet, which is almost cat-like. Fossa comes from Malagasies culture and it means cat. Since the word itself means cat, many people believe fossa are in the cat family. However, the family is uncertain. All that is known is that the fossa is in a family with a hyena and mongoose. A male fossa can weigh up to 20 pounds. Surprisingly, fossae are the largest mammalian carnivore on Madagascar, with a diet that is mainly lemurs.

​The first arrival at the Denver Zoo of a baby fossa, named Rico, is now two and a half months old and was born on July 28th. The zoo keepers had it easy since Rico’s mom, Violet, did a majority of the work. Clearly the keepers had to do the weekly check- ups including measurements and vaccines. Little Rico stayed out of the exhibit for the first couple of months after his birth. The mother stayed on display until the day of Rico’s birth. The father, Dorian, stayed on display the entire time. Dorian was the first fossa at the Denver Zoo, even though he was not born there and neither was Violet.

​Seeing the adorable fossa pup in person was a great experience. I recommend this exhibit at the Denver Zoo for all families, so hurry in because Rico won’t be a pup forever.