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A New Era of Broncos Mania

What Colorado fans all over the state had been patiently waiting for, a chance to see their favorite players step on the field for the first time in a year. On Thursday, August 2, 2012, the Broncos made their debut on to the field at Dove Valley. Every day, the Broncos arrive at eight o`clock and practice until 11:15, and then have another private practice in the afternoon. After training, a few of the players signed anything that the crowd handed to them. Today, was day eight of the Broncos training camp, Julius Thomas, Jacob Tamme, Peyton Manning, and Matthew Willis were signing autographs after camp. This was a delightful treat for the fans.

 Today, a Dove Valley record was broken for highest attendance, 5,034 people arrived at the field to watch new to the team quarterback, Peyton Manning, and all of the Broncos returning players. All of these fans were excited to get a sneak peek at the beloved Denver Broncos. A huge highlight of the day was watching  how Peyton Manning coordinates with the Broncos offense, defense, and special teams. Manning`s performance on the field was greeted by lots of cheering and applause, especially the very last play, when he hit wide receiver Demaryius Thomas for a long touchdown. Many of these pleased fans will be eager to speculate how the Broncos will do during their season with a Hall of Fame quarterback running the offense. 

 On August 4, 2012, the Denver Broncos will be playing against each other in a Stadium Scrimmage at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. This event is free of charge for the public, and gates open at 3:30. The Broncos players will be divided in two and will be playing a friendly game to see how all of the players mange in a game situation. This scrimmage will also help determine which men are the starters, second team and third team. After the game all of the players will sign autographs at the stadium. This scrimmage is going to be a great fan event and a great excuse to watch some football for free. GO BRONCOS!