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A New Nerf Blaster Blasts Off

Trish O'Connell

Are you a Nerf fan? If so, you would enjoy the new Nerf Vortex Blaster. Unlike original Nerf products, this blaster shoots disks rather than darts. The disks are about one inch in diameter, and have a plastic center surrounded by a ring of foam. The blaster has a barrel that can hold up to 30 disks at a time. I would advise shooting targets-like siblings-from far away because these disks can really hurt when shot from a close range!
This toy includes a sight, to help you aim. There is also a eject switch and door to clear jammed disks. However, sometimes these features can’t fix clogs. You have to manually force the barrel to rotate back into place.
Some downsides to this toy are the loud “click” made when sliding the handle into the front to shoot, disks are easily lost and expensive to replace, and, even though the blaster is easy to aim, the disks swerve and bounce off objects making them go off- course.
I really like the blaster because with the amount of disks it can fit you don’t have to re-load very often. This Nerf gun is easy to fire. The disks go very quickly over a very long distance. Over all I think it is worth the $39.99 it cost to get.
This is the perfect present for Nerf fans older than six. I found people of all ages enjoyed it. Do you know a Nerf fan?