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With the new year comes a new app

Song Pop is a music quiz game played between two friends. The object of the game is to guess a song in a category as quickly as you can. The person who is starting the round picks a play list. These include rock, punk, today’s hits, or classic rock. There are more play lists available. Once you pick a play list, you have to guess different songs or artists when music from that category plays. During each round, you score points depending on how quickly you answer correctly. When the round is finished, coins are awarded. 3 coins are awarded to the winner and the opponent is given 1 coin. With these coins, you can buy new play lists with new songs or power-ups. Power-ups can be used as hints during the rounds or to shuffle your play list if you don’t like the selection of genres given. At the end of each week (Sunday) scores are reset. You also get a power-up for each round that you won.
There is a free and $2 version of the app. The $2 version includes longer and higher quality versions of the song clips given when guessing. With the paid version you have unlimited messaging between you and your opponent. The free version includes some messages. I would suggest downloading Song Pop free onto your device to try it out first.
I recommend Song Pop to everyone, especially music fanatics. It is addictive and is a great way to hear new music and learn new genres. It has introduced me to many new artists and songs. It is also a fun way to pass time and have friendly competition with family and friends.