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Olympic Dreams

Untied States Olympic Training Center

Emily Azevedo laces up her shoes and heads to the weight room, a daily routine for any Olympic hopeful. A member of Team USA’s 2010 Olympic Bobsled Team and a 2014 Sochi Olympic hopeful, Azevedo knows what it takes to become an Olympic athlete.
Azevedo never saw herself as an Olympian in the sport of bobsledding. She said, “I was a gymnast until I was 16. I dreamed of being an Olympian in gymnastics. Never did I think I would be an Olympic bobsledder. ” When Azevedo was in high school, she realized that she was not a good fit for gymnastics so she focused on her other sports. Her soccer coach encouraged her to participate in track and field and that became her new passion. Eventually, she was able to run track at the University of California Davis. After that, she decided that bobsledding was the next thing she wanted to try. Azevedo credits her participation in a wide range of sports for her success in bobsledding.
Although her ambition was a major factor in determining her future, it wasn’t just a dream that brought her to this point. According to Azevedo, it takes “a stubborn will, lots of sacrifice, hard work, and determination” to become an Olympic athlete. She says that her parents were always there for her and that they are a major reason she is an Olympic athlete. Her internal motivation comes from knowing there is always room for improvement. Her advice to any aspiring athlete would be that, “anything is possible if you work hard enough.” Azevedo is proof that dreams can become a reality through hard work and determination.


USA Bobsled team announced today. Lolo Jones selected to compete in Sochi over Emily Azevedo. Go team USA!

By the way, Emily Azevedo will find out if she made the final cut for the 2014 Winter Olympics on January 20th!

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