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One Amazing Colorado Kid

Budamgunta Family

Most of us have a passion for something, and we have people around us who try to motivate us as well as our selves to do what we love. For Saranya Budamgunta her passion started when she was 10. For the past 7 years, she has been dedicated to preparing for her professional dance debut known as Bharatanatyam Arangetram.
Bharatanatyam Arangetram is a Indian classical dance style. The dancer does a rigorous 2 hour solo with a live orchestra and gestures and expressions. Her hand gestures tell a story. There are 3 aspects of this dance form. One is Nritta which means pure dance. The second one is Natya which means expressions. The third one is Nritya a combination of pure dance and expressions. The gestures mean something in Natya and Nritya.
Like most performances or competitions you have to train/practice to get them right. Saranya said that she trained with her teacher 3 times a week for 2 hours including practicing at home. She took baby steps and once she got a part of her routine perfect she would add the next part. When your in a game or on stage, have you ever thought of what’s going through your head? Like maybe its pass the ball this way, or hold this note for 4 counts. Instead Saranya reminds her self to keep breathing and smiling, not allowing herself to over think anything. Which I thought was cool because it must take a lot not to distract yourself for such a long period. Before she goes on stage she stretches and does yoga poses, then some meditation and breathing exercises to calm her nerves.
While she was a sparkling star on stage, her gorgeous costume had to start somewhere. It was custom stitched in India. It took 2 to 3 hours to get ready because everything had to be tied and pinned very tight to make sure that nothing falls off during the dance.
I thought that this performance overall was an inspiration to young people because with all of the hard work and dedication Saranya put in, she made it happen! I thought it was interesting how she had bells wrapped around her feet and the orchestra was in time with her and the sound was very intriguing. I also could not believe how long her hair was and how detailed they made it look. This performance also grabbed my attention when she did lots facial expressions to go with her gestures. It made you wonder what she is thinking. The stamina that Saranya had to dance for 20 minutes straight was amazing.
“My goal lies in becoming a doctor, dance will always be something that I enjoy and cherish. My Arangetram is not an ending but merely a milestone in my dancing journey. ”   This is what makes her one amazing Colorado kid.