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Our interview with Brent Lewis

Today, the Technology Titans interviewed Brent Lewis, the photographer. Lewis started his photography career started when in his sophomore year, he received a camera, and instantly fell in love with it. He transferred to Columbia University, since it had a better photography program.
Lewis worked as photographer for a while in the Chillicothe Gazette as his first job as a professional photographer. Since he enjoyed photography in Ohio, he moved to Denver. Now Lewis works as a photographer at the Denver Post, and he is working on photographing issues that he thought mattered.
 “Photography is an art, always in the eye of the beholder” quotes Lewis while showing off his two cameras. Lewis now likes taking pictures of everything. “I’m not creating things, I'm capturing moment” Lewis said,”Everything has a moment.” In the future, Brent hopes to continue photography, while striving for the ‘perfect photo’, which will contain his three standards, moment, composition, and light.