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Parkour; Extreme Running


Originating from France, parkour is the sport of moving from one place to another, through, over or under obstacles, in the most efficient manner. Using balance, speed, coordination, and overcoming fear, improves one’s parkour abilities. Parkour is a discipline, teaching its students to challenge themselves, and to work for improvement. Although there are many personal definitions, Brian Taylor, a local parkour instructor, has a different view. To Mr. Taylor parkour is the art of moving, an aspect he most enjoys. Despite Brian Taylor’s love for moving, he also enjoys how parkour teaches him to set goals, and new ways to challenge him. From parkour, Mr. Taylor’s view of everything has changed. Colorado Kids recently had the opportunity to talk with Brian Taylor about parkour.
Currently, Mr. Taylor teaches several levels of parkour classes to enthusiastic learners, ages 12 and up, of both genders, in Littleton, Colorado. Mr. Taylor has been doing parkour his whole life not knowing that he was, not until he stumbled across it on the internet nine years ago. After finding out about parkour, Brian Taylor was determined to learn more. Four years after Mr. Taylor started teaching himself parkour, he was well qualified to teach others. Presently, he trained in parkour for nine years, and has taught for five. Before starting parkour Brian Taylor worked at mastering martial arts, and break dancing. These two activities helped him with his style in parkour, though the moves were brand new to him when he started. When asked, “What clothes or equipment do beginners need for parkour?”Mr. Taylor told Colorado Kids “all you need is tennis shoes and loose, comfortable clothing. ” Anybody can do parkour anywhere there’s an obstacle.
Mr. Taylor plans to open his own gym to teach parkour, his website is http://thepathgym.com/. Brian Taylor’s gym will teach classes to all ages, to boys and girls. For more information on parkour, Mr. Taylor recommended going to http://www.wfpf.com/. There is a fee to take classes with Brian Taylor, but parkour itself is free. Although parkour has many different definitions, it is truly a sport worth recognition. Using agility, focus, and passion, Brian Taylor loves parkour, to him it is the art of moving.