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Pippin: A Musical of Love, War, and Life Fulfillment


First you see the 22 foot curtain drop, then you are overcome with the sight before you: singers, dancers, and acrobats sashay across the stage, an introduction to a performance now at full swing (literally)!
This is the musical Pippin.
Pippin is a prince who is growing up, but doesn’t want to be a scholar or a soldier. He disagrees with the way his father rules the land and he feels empty inside from his lack of interest in life.
He runs aways from home to find something completely fulfilling.
His first stop is to visit his grandma who shares her belief that if she refuses to grow old she will stay young and energetic until she dies; this points Pippin in the right direction.
He rejects the opportunity to become king and allows the circus-folk that opened the show to finally guide him towards fulfillment. His many turns lead him to a young widow, her son, their duck--and more.
Eventually Pippin must decide for himself what his fate will be.
Many people enjoy the enormity of it--there are so many colors and dances and props! The costumes are almost as flamboyant as the acrobatics, and that’s saying something, because the acrobatics include ribbons, fire-poles, stairs, beams, hula hoops, and yoga balls! Plus there are even magical illusions!
When you see it, it’s hard to imagine that any human could do the amazing things that the actors and actresses in do in Pippin.
However, despite how fantastic it is, there are some sexual overtones and adult themes that should be known about before one buys tickets. I would say it is genuinely PG-13.
Otherwise, Pippin is an exciting spectacle describing the beautiful journey of a young man with a flaming finale to his goals in life. This Tony Award winning Broadway musical is not one to be missed!