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Playful Play-doh

The Play-doh Ultimate Rainbow Pack is a fun gift for ages two and up. This toy is good for its price, which is approximately ten dollars depending on where you get it.
The Play-doh Ultimate Rainbow Pack is fun because it contains 33 small sticks of different colored play-doh. The down side to this is that if you want to make something very big of just one color, you probably will not have enough. Another potential problem is that I had to use tools from other play-doh sets because this set did not include any.
However, I still really like this set because you can save your play-doh without it drying out, by sticking it back in the container with the lid. The 33 colors allow you to make almost anything such as rainbows, animals, and even a whole landscapes. Overall I thought this was a fun toy, it had good value and may help you with your holiday shopping.