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Positive Thinking

The Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs is one of only three centers preparing our Olympic athletes to represent the United States on the world’s biggest stage. At the helm of this center is Aron McGuire, the Director of the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. McGuire says that preparing the athlete’s body is only half the job. He says that, “For the 125 athletes we house here, one of our biggest goals is to maintain a positive environment. ” He also mentions that, “the positive environment has a positive influence on their success when competing since it allows them to not only prepare their bodies, but prepare their minds as well. ”
In an effort to achieve this goal, the center has onsite sports psychologists and sports scientists. The sports psychologists work with the athletes to help them overcome mental barriers that might hurt their performance. The sports scientists work with the athletes to enhance their physical wellbeing. These psychologists and scientists often work together. For example, if an athlete gets injured, the psychologists might help the athlete overcome the fear of re-injury while the scientists work to get the athlete back to maximum strength.
The needs of each athlete are unique. According to McGuire, “It is our job at the training center to make sure every single one of those needs is met. ” By doing this, McGuire is able to create a positive environment where athletes can focus solely on preparing themselves for the Olympics.