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"The Poultry that can be Interesting!"

Hannah Chung

I didn't know much about Colorado poultry until a recent visit to the National Western Stock Show! There were chickens, peacocks, turkeys, and hens. People don't think about poultry very often, but it truly is an interesting subject.

There, at the Stock Show, I heard about the Colorado Poultry Association. This program was made to provide pleasure and interest to people. It was also made to encourage others of the raising of purebred poultry. Members enjoy sponsoring shows at the National Western Stock Show and rodeo. The Colorado Poultry Association still exists today. Everyone is welcome to join this club, and they will send out newsletters about three times a year on their website!

When I visited the Stock Show recently, I found something interesting to write about. Poultry! There I met Amber, and she was a very fascinating person. I asked her why she volunteered for the job?"

"Well, " she said, "I want others to know how to be responsible sometimes, and I know I can help others learn about the nature of poultry."

"It's a really good experience around all the animals, and talking to people to answer their questions," said Amber.

Amber loves to deal with chickens, and likes to spend as much time with them as possible. Her duties as a volunteer includes feeding the birds, changing their water, cleaning the cages to keep them healthy, and getting them used to people. She likes her job because she can ask and answer questions, and have a good experience.

The National Western Stock Show is a great place to learn a little something, and to have a fun time!