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The Resident Conductor of the Colorado Symphony, Scott O'Neil

Brynn Peters

The Colorado Symphony’s Resident Conductor, Scott O’Neil, can’t remember a time when he wasn’t passionate about music. Between his Dad being a marching band conductor and the piano that sat in his home, Mr. O’Neil was fascinated by music from an early age. From piano, to violin, to saxophone, he spent time learning how to play every instrument in the Symphony Orchestra, helping him become who he is today.

To Scott O’Neil, teaching is one of the most generous gifts. He believes that when a great teacher and a curious student are combined, magic can happen. Robert Lawrence was that great piano teacher that brought the magic of music to life in Mr. O’Neil’s eyes. Using music as a tool of sound, Mr. O’Neil holds many youth concerts, happy to engage as many young listeners and believers in the whirl wind of music.

As a conductor, Scott O’Neil’s goal is to produce a show of music that is enjoyable, that inspires, and that sends energy out into the crowd. Through conducting, he expresses the feelings he experiences in the music. Mr. O’Neil remembers one performance in particular, at Eastman School of Music when they played music set to Sioux Nation tribal chants. This diverse and unique classical performance gave light on how far you can take classical music. Now, Mr. O’Neil conducts the “Musica Latina” youth concert, featuring another diverse mix wrapping in worldwide culture. In this performance, the classical and Latin combination brings rhythm and beauty to the stage.

Scott O’Neil’s passion for music is shown through his interaction with the musicians he conducts, the audience feeling the emotion he portrays through the way of sound, and the pathway it took to get Mr. O’Neil to be the Resident Conductor of the Colorado Symphony.