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Her ribbon slips from her wrist,
The red cloth waves across the gray horizon.
It's twilight, the sun barely peeking above the green fields.
She watches with closed eyes as her ribbon flutters on an invisible breeze,
Her feet tap to an unheard song played on the piano.
A tree sways violently in the wind, snagging and fraying the ribbons edge,
It splits in two.
Finally, the girl opens her eyes and sees the red strands.
She yells out for someone but no one comes,
Her ribbon catches fire as it touches the sun.
The ash falls onto her white dress like little black snowflakes,
Dotting the silky fabric.
The sun dips lower, all the light draining from the girls world.
As the last of the ribbon falls, the girl turns into an elder woman.
She sinks onto the ground, one tear streaking her face and closes her eyes.
Her ribbon of life has come and gone,
Her sun finally setting into eternal life.