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A cowboy rides his horse into town on Sunday, stays three days, then leaves on Friday.
How is this possible? Try to get it right! I will tell you if you are correct or not but I am not giving any hint!     WAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think I've seen this before...

The horse's name is Friday.
This is one of my favorite riddles too!

Pretty nice!
Is it the horse's name is Friday

Time was going backwards! Is that it??

ok i didn't read the comments... but i'm going to guess... uh... He stayed in a town called three days?

The horse's name is Friday. ;)

He rides in to towne on a horse named Sunday and leaves towne on a horse named Friday

His horses name is Friday!!!!!! I got this riddles as homework in third grade. Nice job

This one doesn't really make sense cause who names a horse "Friday??"
How about Star or Clopper...ok

Yes the horse is named Friday. Thanks for tagging along

i totally knew that one. the horse is namd friday.if i didnt know then somebody else who commented ruined it.

His horse was named Friday :)...I know this one

His horse is named Friday,so he left on his horse :).

His horse is named Friday,I have heard this riddle before :)

What is this? Nobody has tried to guess the answer to my riddle! NNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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