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The Rule of Thoughts

 Michael and his friends are back, in The Rule of Thoughts, the long awaited sequel to The Eye of Minds, by James Dashner bestselling author of the Maze Runner. After he completed The Path, his life was shattered. Everything he knew about his life was a lie. It was just a plan molded and shaped together by the evil Tangent (robot) Kaine. Michaels entire life was just an experiment. He was even tricked into believing that he was human, but no, he was just another worthless piece of unneeded artifical intellegence. He was raised in Lifeblood Deep, an Virt Net game.
When he finished The Path , instead of returning to his home he was transported to a human named Jackson’s home. He reads the only message he has on his Ear Cuff. The message is from Kaine. Who explains that he used The Mortality Docaine on Michael, a device that transports Tangents into human’s bodies. This process completely erases all the feelings and memories of the person that they take over. Michael realizes that he and his friends (Sarah and Bryson) must destroy this threat before the entire human race has been deleted from memory. To destroy Kaine they need help from the VNS, the police force of this terrifying future. To defeat this growing threat they must use their coding skills, and more . In this battle you don’t know you have lost until the fight is well over.
This book is fantastic for anyone who liked the Maze Runner trilogy and it’s prequel The Kill Order. I recommend this book for people eleven and up because of violence, fast paced action, and just overall creepiness. This book is a great choice for someone in need of a book full of action and adventure.