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The Same Author That Brought You “Middle School The Worst Years of My Life” Brings “Word of Mouse.”

James Patterson Brings you the story of Word of mouse. Isaiah is a blue mouse that lost his family when he was running from “the horrible place” as his 82 brothers and sisters call it. It is a place where the people who work there do unthinkable things to the mice, like turn them colors and make them talk.
But now Isaiah has escaped the horrible place and is the only mouse that has not been caught. Isaiah has to find out how to get back to his family and makes some friends along the way.
Word of Mouse is about a mouse named Isaiah who got lost after escaping his home. “The horrible place” that gives animals smarts colors and the ability to speak and although it is special for the mice to be able to do all of that, the mice feel endangered and try to escape. When Isaiah and his family try to escape they are caught except for Isaiah, who finds himself wandering the big city full of cats, rats and a new family.
Isaiah joins a family of mice that welcome him as a part of their family. Apart from Isaiah’s blue fur, the mice don’t see much of a difference in his personality. Isaiah is a helper and protector to the family and optimistic when all hope is lost because the house gets mousetraps. Isaiah goes to the house next door on a food hunt and finds a surprising new friend that is much bigger than he. Hailey, a middle school aged girl who was always made fun of for her white hair and icy blue eyes, becomes a friend to Isaiah, even though the only way that Isaiah can communicate with Hailey is by the computer. Hailey listens to everything he has to say and helps he and the other mice go to the horrible place to save Isaiah’s family.
Overall this book was very good, I liked the quotes that the author put in at the start of every chapter. I think the book would be good for 8 years and older because there are some big words that younger readers might not understand. Anyone could enjoy this book because it’s so good, but younger readers might not understand some of it.
This book was entertaining and I hope other readers will enjoy it as much as I did.