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A Second Chance For Neglected Animals

The Wild Animal Sanctuary is a non-profit association which dedicates its time to rescue and provide a home for wild animals, such as tigers, lions and bears that have been abused, abandoned or neglected. A majority of the rescued animals were saved from people who failed to keep a large carnivore as a pet. Two bears named Gaika and Masha were part of a Russian circus and lived in a truck for seventeen years; in fact, thousands of large carnivores are found each day suffering in peoples’ garages, trucks, backyards and apartments.

The sanctuary is located thirty miles northeast of Denver and has over seven hundred acres for the animals to roam. The facility has twenty-one large enclosures for all of the animals. The wide open spaces provide natural habitats for the animals to live in and roam freely.

Unlike a zoo, the people who visit the sanctuary view the majestic animals from an elevated mile walkway, called “A Mile into the Wild.” As you stroll down the walkway, there are over two hundred lions, tigers, bears, servals and numerous other animals just beneath your feet. At zoos, visitors will notice tigers or bears circling in their habitats. They do this because they are territorial. They are worried that their territory is going to be taken over. If visitors view the animals from above, they feel more relaxed.

Since the facility is a non-profit organization, it relies on the generosity and compassion of the visitors to give the proper care to the neglected animals. The sanctuary has an adoption program, which is one of the most helpful ways to help these animals get the proper care that they are worthy of. If it weren’t for the visitors the sanctuary wouldn’t exist and the animals wouldn’t get the chance that they deserve. I feel lucky to be able to experience and contribute to this inspiring facility.